Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday's Lunchbox

II had to work a double Saturday so I packed my lunchbox with two mini feasts :)

I made my favorite protein panini and a pumpkin protein pancake/roll that I threw together last minute. I had about a tablespoon left of my pumpkin purée so I mixed it with vanilla protein powder, 1/4 t baking powder, cinnamon, Truvia, and about 2 T liquid eggs whites. Cooked it like a pancake and spread 2 T PB2 on it-YUM.

I also packed some sliced red bell peppers and thanks to my sister, I've recently become a fan of Bai 5 calorie drinks. They are sweetened with stevia so they don't have that fake/chemical-y after taste. I love taking a sip then putting it in the freezer so it starts to get a little slushy/icy-like :)