Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Protein Waffles and my $8 Waffle Maker!

I NEVER participate in Black Friday Shopping Madness. First, I need my beauty sleep. Second, I feel like I'd probably feel rushed and make impulse purchases that I really don't need and I only start considering them just because they're on sale. However, I was thinking back to one of my favorite waffle recipes that I used to make all of the time early Friday morning. My old waffle maker got thrown out because it was "old" (according to the thrower-outer). I thought to myself, "It's Black Friday, maybe I can find a deal on a waffle maker?"So, I casually googled "waffle maker target" (because there's a Target super close to my house), and low and behold, really cute waffle makers for $8!!!

I wanted to try a new waffle recipe- and I wanted to venture out and see how Brown Rice Protein Powder performed in a waffle/pancake since I haven't done it before. I modified my recipe off a recipe I found:

Brown Rice Protein Waffles

2 T Brown Rice Protein
1 T oat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 T flax mixed with 1.5 T water (Egg substitute)
Truvia to taste

I mixed the above ingredients together and let my new waffle maker go to work...

The result? Well, I was really sad for a good five minutes that my $8 waffle maker was $8 for a reason- it didn't work well. Because this is what my waffles looked like:

However- the taste was really great! I think the brown rice protein powder gave my waffles a more traditional waffle flavor compared to the flavored whey protein I usually use. I could've used less oat flour because they seemed a little too "bread-y". So I ate my crumbling, sad-looking, yet tasty waffles topped with a greek yogurt/Truvia mixture and got right back to mixing a new batter. I needed to give my waffles AND my waffles maker a second chance. I skipped the oat flour altogether- I felt like they made my waffle too crumbly. I haven't experimented with oat flour too much, so until I do, I've decided I'm not too happy with it in this recipe. I upped the flaxseed to 1 T and added some egg whites. My new waffle still tasted great but it had a more waffle-like texture. And it looked like a waffle this time! Yay $8 waffle maker!