Monday, October 6, 2014

Salsa Chicken Burrito

I'm addicted to the lunch that I've been having this week.  I'm not 100% sure it's legal to call it a burrito, maybe its a taco. I don't know, but this is absolutely delicious and you need to try it. I used my fall apart fork tender salsa chicken recipe for this, and although you can use any chicken, I can guarantee it won't taste as amazing.

P.S. Trader Joe's has the best Lite Shredded Mozzarella I've ever tasted. It melts really well, and does not sacrifice flavor!

Salsa Chicken Burrito

1 whole wheat tortilla (I used Joseph's Flax Tortilla)
1/4 cup reduced fat mozzarella cheese (I used Trader Joe's Lite Shredded Mozzarella)
1 serving Slow Cooked Salsa Chicken
Dollop of Greek yogurt (great healthy substitute for sour cream!)
Raw veggies of choice (if desired)

1. Place the cheese on top of your tortilla and place the tortilla on tin foil. Cook under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese gets melty (this happens quick- keep your eye on it!).
2. Add the chicken, fresh cilantro, and top with the Greek yogurt. Fold up and devour!