Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spicy Seitan, Eggplant, and Shirataki Noodles in Tomato Pumpkin Sauce

Spicy, creamy, satisfying AND clean- I was not expecting this dish to turn out so delicious!! It was just a combination of some food I had to use up in the fridge. These situations always tend to lead to something really tasty. Before I share this recipe, I want to talk a little about the ingredients used in this dish. Seitan is a vegetarian protein from wheat gluten. It has a nice meaty texture and savory flavor once it's cooked. I buy mine at Whole Foods. You can probably use ground beef, chicken, or turkey in place of the seitan for this recipe. Shirataki noodles are made from tofu, and are a great low calorie and low carbohydrate alternative to regular pasta. I know it sounds weird, but I'm really a fan! The texture is great and they come in several varieties including macaroni, spaghetti, fettuccine, and angel hair! A huge plate of pasta for 20 calories?? I'm in! I also buy these at Whole Foods, but they are also usually available in the natural food section of your grocery store.

Shirataki noodles are gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, vegan and kosher certified. Many people complain of a "fishy" smell when they open the package- do not let this scare you. The noodles must be rinsed and drained completely. After that, place them on paper towels and pat dry. Then, microwave the noodles for 30 seconds.

I had roasted eggplant on hand, so that's how it got thrown into this dish. Simply preheat your oven to 450, diced one small eggplant into 1/2" cubes, coat evenly with an olive oil mister, and roast until soft (about 30 minutes). Make sure you give them a stir every 10 minutes.

OK, so now that you the basic prep, I can share my recipe : )

Spicy Setian, Eggplant, and Shirataki Noodles in Tomato Pumpkin Sauce


2 garlic cloves, minced
1 pacakage WestSoy Ground Seitan
1/2- 1 teaspoon each of cumin, paprika, chili powder, and garlic powder
1 small eggplant, diced into 1/2 " cubes and roasted
1 package Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Noodles
1/4 cup canned pumpkin
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1/2 tablespoon Bragg's Liquid Aminos (or soy sauce)
1 t Apple Cider Vinegar
Splash of vegetable broth
1 tablespoon Nutritional Yeast


1. Mix together the pumpkin, tomato paste, cider vinegar, broth, and Bragg's. Set aside.
2. Heat a non-stick pan coated with cooking spray over medium heat. Cook the garlic until it begins to soften. In the meantime, drain your package of ground seitan.
3. Add the seitan to the pan, then add your spices. Cook until the seitan starts to brown.
4. Add the eggplant and Shirataki noodles.
5. Add the sauce to the pan. If needed, thin it out a little more with some broth. Sprinkle the nutritional yeast into the pan. Toss gently until everything is combined.
6. Serve! I garnished mine with parsley because I had some and thought it would look pretty : ).

I split this up into two mini-meals. I ate mine cold, as per usual, but I'm sure it's great hot as well!

Nutrition Facts for one serving (out of the two it makes): 197 calories, 3.4 g Fat, 17.2 g CHO, 9 g Fiber, 28 g Protein