Why This Blog Exists

Welcome to Pretty Little Feast!

I grew up as a competitive figure skater with a large appetite. I didn't always make the healthiest choices, but I was lucky enough to have home cooked meals and mom-made lunches. Being the perfectionist that I am, I decided that in order to improve my athletic abilities, I needed to fuel my body right. Enter my new found love for nutrition.

The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. I wanted to eat healthy, but I wanted my food to taste just as delicious as my mom's lasagna and my grandmother's french toast. Totally bored at a family dinner, I picked up a Cooking Light Magazine at my grandmother's house. I folded over some recipes that had pretty pictures and stole the magazine to try them out at home. The next day I made a panini and never turned back- I have been OBSESSED with cooking and recreating recipes ever since.

When I went away to college I did my research to make sure that my dorm room had its own kitchen- it was literally a make-or-break situation. Luckily, one floor of apartment-style living was available for freshman. I did not eat out ONCE and made myself healthy homemade meals in a ridiculously small "kitchen" all four years of school (Ok, I ate out a few times, but only when my parents came to visit!).

Food, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking excites me. Oh, and I'm a total nerd and love school. Therefore, I studied nutrition in college, got my B.S., decided to have a non-existent social life and went to grad-school at Columbia to get my M.S. in Nutrition Education (while working full time as a waitress), and I can now say I'm FINALLY a Registered Dietitian working two part-time jobs that I love.

I thought about making a blog many times. I'd always think, "I should start a blog. I cook delicious, crazy cool meals in the smallest kitchen ever, competitively figure skate, study nutrition, and spend my Saturday afternoons walking to the Co-op to buy groceries (which makes me super supportive of both local farmers AND the environment). I can be totally interesting in a nerd-ish, food-obsessed kind of way." But, yea, never happened.

SO- this blog features recipes, and nutrition tips, information, and inspiration. Better late than never right??